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Sunday, April 19, 2009



No human being living on Earth escapes the paramount distress resent after the "irreversible" departure of a dear family member or friend, several times in his lifespan.
Neither the writer of these lines nor you, their reader, are exempt from this unavoidable stroke of fate at different stages of our biography. All of us we know its devastating potential upon our psychological balance and functional ability, often imprint in our personality structure for the rest of our life as a painful, irreversibly disabling event.
Conventional Psychiatry has an almost totally inefficient therapeutic arsenal to cope with this particular kind of "Post-traumatic Syndrome", severely limited to antidepressant drugs unable to reach out to the extreme values of the particular psychological ordeal related to a death case in the family or close ambient social structures. Their non-specificity points to their efficiency domain far below the managing requirements in the mourning period - which often turns into a long lasting "pathological mourn", resistant to drugs or psychotherapy.
As in any stressful condition, the only way out might be removing its cause - which in the case of our concern seems - and is believed to be - contradicting common sense and science. And this option may be successfully implemented, however counterintuitive this statement would sound for many, by communicating with the dead.
The "scientific" belief that human consciousness is originated in Brain functions, so it has to cease with Brain's decay at Death is forcefully challenged by current edge research programs into Physics, Neurology and Cognitive Sciences. A new paradigmatic orientation is progressively aligned to the overwhelming experimental database that supports the real-time connection techniques between experimenter and discarnate entities inside an electronically enhanced contact field, which makes it possible directly and interactively talking to the dead.
The author of these lines has invested his life (not a short one at this time) in the scientific and empirical investigation of the survival hypothesis, putting his academic background and name to vouch for the accuracy of his statements. His name is associated with several International scientific and experimental organizations as their coordinator, as well as to countless Items of relevant most serious evp literature (both books and periodicals concerned with consciousness study and life survival).
Scientifically minded professionals may find their link to such topics at our Sub quantum Informatics section, amply treating consciousness theory, by offering a novel definition of consciousness as different from brain consciousness. The Quantum Consciousness approach provides a most promising pathway toward the ultimate proof of the human survival hypothesis, but requires a certain education level of the readers..
This is why we decided to offer this more accesible alternate option, which addresses the wide pool of readers interested in getting practical advice, on a "how-to" level, for setting up their individual connections to dear departed ones.
You don't need to attend a fraudulent "séance" exposing yourself to someone's fantasy claiming to be a "medium" (though medial trans-communication IS a valid connection channel in some cases). You don't need even to possess a certain degree of "mediumship" yourself (though this quite elusive experimenter-dependent factor will enhance your results according to its innate or developed amount in your psychic apparatus).
All you need for a successful setting up of the contact field is your desire, your commitment and your patience. If you have them, give it a try. You will not be dissapointed.
With the knowledge you'll find here, these prerequisites will yield concrete trans-communication results, and in a most documented way for subsequent analysis, indeed.
Death will not anymore separate you from your beloved ones.
This can be convincingly proved for each one of you.
You'll get expert guidance for performing real-time conversations with your dear departed ones, for seeing them as they are right now at their non-physical realm, and possibly even to embrace them physically without any assistance from the extremely few and almost inaccessible "physical mediums" living today on Earth.
Please kindly keep your queries short and consistent. This site is for your Information, not for controversy and skeptic approach tendencies - which will not be considered.
Belief has to be replaced by knowledge and technology-backed action.
You are invited to participate in this program according to your individual formal education and needs.
The reaction time to your queries may amply vary according to possible mail overload conditions. You are invited to address us in English, German, French, Romanian, Hungarian or Hebrew language according to your choice - nevertheless be prepared to get your replies written mostly in English.
Welcome to our site!
"Afterlife Communicator".



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